Peace Sign Tattoo Designs

Cool color,black & gray peace sign tattoo designs

black peace sign tattoo designBlack-Peace-sign-Tattoo-designBlack-Peace-sign-With-Vine-Tattoo-designfeminine-peace-signhippie peace sign tattoo designhummingbird-tattoo-peace-sign-designpeace sign sunflower tattoopeace sign tropic bamboo tattoo designpeace sign with mushrooms tattoopeace signpeace-and-flowerspeace-sign-bird-tattoo-designPeace-Sign-Grenade-tattoo-designpeace-sign-with wings-tattoopeace-sign-dream-catcher tattoo designpeace-sign-flower-tattoo designpeace-sign-hand tattoo designpeace-sign-mushroom-tattoo designpeace-hearts-tattoo-design peace-music-tattoo-design peace-sign-flowers-tattoo-design peace-sign-stars-tattoo-design peace-sign-tattoo-design peace-sign-tear-tattoo-design peace-sign-vine-tattoo-design

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Peace Sign Tattoo Meanings:

The dove and olive branch was used symbolically by early Christians and then eventually became a secular peace symbol, popularized by Pablo Picasso after World War II. In the 1950s the “peace sign“, as it is known today, was designed by Gerald Holtom as the logo for the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, a group at the forefront of the peace movement in the UK, and adopted by anti-war and counterculture activists in the US and elsewhere. The V hand signal and the peace flag also became international peace symbols.

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